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Cypress Housing Group
providers of affordable housing

Providers of Affordable Housing


to increase the supply of quality affordable housing for low- and very low-income households by: 

improving the quality and long-term affordability of the 
existing housing stock; 

constructing new housing utilizing existing programs 
available through local, state and federal programs; and

creating new housing from adaptive reuse of 
non-residential properties such as warehouses, outmoded 
commercial buildings and non-performing commercial 


Cypress Housing Group implements this philosophy by acting 
in a variety of capacities to provide or assist in providing such 

The programs which Cypress Housing Group provides include:

Acting directly as a developer of low-income housing to 
expand and preserve long term, quality affordable housing 

Serving as a capacity builder, seeking to increase the 
resources and capabilities of local community 
organizations to increase the available affordable housing

Providing technical assistance to other organizations for 
the implementation of improvement projects or community 
service programs located within the housing 
developments in which the Cypress Housing Group is 

Acting as a joint venture partner to a for-profit housing 
developer in need of Cypress Housing Group's expertise 
and access to capital

This page was last updated on: June 4, 2003